Welcome to the Spellweaver Alpha test!

I have spent the last couple years laboriously working on a fantasy style table-top RPG of my own design. Attempting to create a system that is fun and rewarding in a creative sense. The system has been pre-tested a number times and has gone through a number of revisions, each one honing the rules and play style to something that I think is quite unique among table-top RPGs.


I am looking for a set of players interested in trying something new and who are interested in playing on a regular basis. How regular can be decided once we have a group formed.


Ok, the campaign is under construction. Most of the campaign will be taking place in the Rift. I have added wiki articles already explaining the Rift and its history. You can find them using the tags to the right.

A map will be coming soon and more information about races and etc will be added as well. I’m hoping to shortly be able to provide everyone with a pdf covering character creation. After which everyone should make a character and make an article about them here on the wiki.

Website coming soon.


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