Boarding Party

After successfully fleeing from the Drimlok impound yards, the crew made sail for a remote island with a mysterious cargo aboard.

Due to curiosity, Deloran opened the cargo despite Tor’s objections and when he was too occupied steering the ship in the middle of the night to stop him. The four crates contained large, unfamiliar eggs and talismans that provided the eggs with fresh air while locking in the shipping crates.

After this discovery, and at daybreak, a swift Alani vessel pursued the craft. After failing to out run the Alani vessel, Tor hid inside some smuggling compartments on the ship. A boarding crew of Spellbanes and Swordmages came aboard. After terse questioning about why the ship was taken from impound, if the cargo was still aboard, and if the crew was somehow involved in illegal activities, the crew convinced the Alani that there was a simple misunderstanding. the crew surrendered the cargo and in exchange the Alani accepted the crew’s explanation of events and took the eggs.

Soon after the Alani vessel departed, but before the crew could make way, Mordan the Magnificent landed on the ship aboard a large Griffin. Mordan had hired Tor’s previous crew to smuggle the clutch of eggs to him so that he could further his research on Griffins. He was disappointed that the crew had failed, but accepted that the original deal was not made with any member of the current crew. Not to be defeated, he struck a new proposal to the crew: return to the island of the Griffins and bring Mordan new eggs for a hefty fee.

Would the crew accept the offer?



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