Building Better Ships

After establishing a Griffin colony on Mordan’s island, and leaving behind the orc to manage the Griffin’s care, the Crew had to decide what to do. They now had two ships in various stages of disrepair, some crew members wanted to keep the adult griffins, but the sails and rigging made the practical use of Griffins onboard infeasible.
Tor and Andrea’s Character had contacts in Falfir’s landing where they could fence the two ships and hopefully acquire a new one. Tor, with his knowledge of ships and engineering, drew up a rough plan of a modified Armando 360 class ship that could serve as a useable vessel for Griffin riders as well as having improvements for escaping tight spots, smuggling, and outrunning other vehicles.
Leaving the Griffins, Mordan, and the Orc behind the crew traveled to Falfir’s landing.
Once there, Tor and Andrea’s Character had no trouble finding their mutual friend. With the two ships as credit, along with an additional expense of group gold, the new design was possible, but only if a military grade gas was used in the dirigible design. The problem, as their friend told them, is that the gas supplies from “That one foresty place” had been cut off. Gnomes had seized not only the production facility, but also the supply route. If the new ship, necessary for Griffin use, would be built that gas supply had to be liberated.
Tangentially, Deloran had spent his time in port to find acquaintances from his how in “the foresty place” After reacquainting with some friends he heard dark news from home, that gnomes (Whom Deloran hates with speciest bigotry typical of his people) had been attacking his home. Incensed, Deloran immediately sought out his crew to recruit them to attack the gnomes and liberate his people. Since defeating the gnomes was necessary in order to get back into the air, Tor happily agreed. Andrea’s Character and Rose tagged along as well. Rose hoped to learn about new herbs available only in the forest, ahile Andrea’s Character had her own reasons.



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