filler 2

The party enters the somethingsomething and finds a deranged goblin who has gained control of all of the golems that run the gas mining operation. Counter-intuitively deciding to reason with the goblin, Tor and the Elf (species not associated with the goblin/fey tensions) introduce themselves to the goblin and manage to lure away some golems in the form of escorts. The rest of the party jumped the goblin and defeated him.

Tor, seeing a large crystal that the goblin was using to control the Golems, destroyed it, shattering it into many small shards.

The local populace were overjoyed to hear that the gas mining operation was freed, but less thrilled when they learned that the control crystal, the only means to manage the golems at all, had been destroyed. The party blamed collateral damage for the broken crystal and return to Falfir’s Landing witha bad full of crystals in tow.



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