The Orc tribe and the trials

As the crew travelled up the mountain pass searching for griffins, they met and defeated a group of goblins. After the battle two orcish griffin riders who witnessed the combat from above met and escorted the group to their village. The Crew was escorted to the local Orc tribe that protects and raises the Griffins. After speaking with the chief and shaman the Orcs allow the crew to undergo the Griffin Rider trials. Successful completion means that the crew would be accepted as members of the tribe and allowed to take the Griffin eggs.
However, another crew of smugglers and pirates, who had worked with Tor’s previous crew and shipment of Griffin eggs bound for Mordan the Magnificent, recognized Tor. They too were in the trials but with more ominous intentions.
After the first day of trials the two groups were even in the competition. On the second day the pirates intimated to Tor that they were going to steal the eggs. Unsure of what to do, the Crew tried to booby trap the pirates lodgings but were unsuccessful. In the morning, when a dead guard and the stolen eggs were discovered, the Crew rushed out to defeat the pirates, retrieve the eggs, and regain their honor with the tribe. After a fierce battle alongside the imminently departing pirate ship, the crew captured the pirates, threw them in the brig, and confiscated the pirate ship.
When returning honorably to the Tribe the Crew were greeted as heroes, accepted into the tribe, and each received their Haktas.
After turning over the pirate crew to the justice of the tribe, the Crew, along with two griffins, two griffin eggs, the orc XXXXXX, and their newly ‘acquired’ ship, made way for the island of Mordan the Magnificent and the griffin preserve that they hoped to establish there.



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