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The Forming of the Party

Tor, a dwarf engineer, had recently had his near derelict airship confiscated in Drimlok by Justiciars of the alani because of the nature of his cargo. Spending some time looking around and checking his contacts he came into contact with Lyra, a human necromancer, an alani sanguimancer with amnesia with no name, and Deloran. Lyra had been approached by Deloran, a former assistant deputy of justice, about her connection with demons.

Remembering Deloran’s credentials as a former assistant deputy of justice, Lyra suggested that Tor might be able to help reclaim the confiscated airship with Deloran’s assistance. The three met with Tor and decided that they would help him reclaim his ship in exchange for transport off of Drimlok.

The party bought some supplies and hid Tor inside one of the barrels before heading over to where the airship was impounded. Deloran was able to convince the guards that he had been sent from Cal’Immel to take the vessel, and its cargo, back there for safe keeping.

Luckily the first set of guards had recently returned from a visit to Lady Vala’s and were in a good mood and anxious to get back there,so they easily let them pass. The second set of guards were a bit more wary and ornery, having been left to guard the ship while the other two guards disappeared.

But the guards were easily convinced by Deloran’s credentials and flattery of their position and a job well done. The guards helped load up the ship for the parties departure, unknowingly moving Tor onboard, hidden in a supply barrel.

The guards were almost suspicious as the three tried to follow Tor’s directions, spoken from the barrel, to get the airship going. But Lyra was able to figure it out and away they sailed.



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