Dwarfish Engineer


Tor was the chief engineer aboard a derelict airship involved in “questionable” activities. The law caught up with the small crew and vessel, resulting in the arrest of the former and the impoundnment of the latter. Tor, narrowly escaping arrest, recruited a new crew to liberate “his” ship from the government impound and resumed his shipping and smuggling lifestyle.

Tor looks and acts like an average dwarf, but he is an expert engineer and incredibly intelligent. Occasional breaks in character reveal that his average dwarf persona may be a facade for a much more insightful, intelligent, and complex man than he lets on with hints of a dark past. Tor travels constantly due to his occupation and will noticeably begin to look over his shoulder if stuck in any one place for long.

Tor rarely talks about his past and changes the subject whenever it comes up. He also has trouble sleeping and often has nightmares, though a great deal of drinking before bed seems to alleviate that particular problem. Curiously for an Engineer, Tor is also adept at clerical and paladinic healing spells and knowledge. Wherever or however Tor learned those skills, he doesn’t talk about it.


Spellweavers Protagonist