Unravelling the Past

While returning

filler 2

The party enters the somethingsomething and finds a deranged goblin who has gained control of all of the golems that run the gas mining operation. Counter-intuitively deciding to reason with the goblin, Tor and the Elf (species not associated with the goblin/fey tensions) introduce themselves to the goblin and manage to lure away some golems in the form of escorts. The rest of the party jumped the goblin and defeated him.

Tor, seeing a large crystal that the goblin was using to control the Golems, destroyed it, shattering it into many small shards.

The local populace were overjoyed to hear that the gas mining operation was freed, but less thrilled when they learned that the control crystal, the only means to manage the golems at all, had been destroyed. The party blamed collateral damage for the broken crystal and return to Falfir’s Landing witha bad full of crystals in tow.

filler 1

The party goes into the somethingsomething to defeat the goblins. They meet an elf who joins them and they jump a goblin encampment.

Building Better Ships

After establishing a Griffin colony on Mordan’s island, and leaving behind the orc to manage the Griffin’s care, the Crew had to decide what to do. They now had two ships in various stages of disrepair, some crew members wanted to keep the adult griffins, but the sails and rigging made the practical use of Griffins onboard infeasible.
Tor and Andrea’s Character had contacts in Falfir’s landing where they could fence the two ships and hopefully acquire a new one. Tor, with his knowledge of ships and engineering, drew up a rough plan of a modified Armando 360 class ship that could serve as a useable vessel for Griffin riders as well as having improvements for escaping tight spots, smuggling, and outrunning other vehicles.
Leaving the Griffins, Mordan, and the Orc behind the crew traveled to Falfir’s landing.
Once there, Tor and Andrea’s Character had no trouble finding their mutual friend. With the two ships as credit, along with an additional expense of group gold, the new design was possible, but only if a military grade gas was used in the dirigible design. The problem, as their friend told them, is that the gas supplies from “That one foresty place” had been cut off. Gnomes had seized not only the production facility, but also the supply route. If the new ship, necessary for Griffin use, would be built that gas supply had to be liberated.
Tangentially, Deloran had spent his time in port to find acquaintances from his how in “the foresty place” After reacquainting with some friends he heard dark news from home, that gnomes (Whom Deloran hates with speciest bigotry typical of his people) had been attacking his home. Incensed, Deloran immediately sought out his crew to recruit them to attack the gnomes and liberate his people. Since defeating the gnomes was necessary in order to get back into the air, Tor happily agreed. Andrea’s Character and Rose tagged along as well. Rose hoped to learn about new herbs available only in the forest, ahile Andrea’s Character had her own reasons.

The Orc tribe and the trials

As the crew travelled up the mountain pass searching for griffins, they met and defeated a group of goblins. After the battle two orcish griffin riders who witnessed the combat from above met and escorted the group to their village. The Crew was escorted to the local Orc tribe that protects and raises the Griffins. After speaking with the chief and shaman the Orcs allow the crew to undergo the Griffin Rider trials. Successful completion means that the crew would be accepted as members of the tribe and allowed to take the Griffin eggs.
However, another crew of smugglers and pirates, who had worked with Tor’s previous crew and shipment of Griffin eggs bound for Mordan the Magnificent, recognized Tor. They too were in the trials but with more ominous intentions.
After the first day of trials the two groups were even in the competition. On the second day the pirates intimated to Tor that they were going to steal the eggs. Unsure of what to do, the Crew tried to booby trap the pirates lodgings but were unsuccessful. In the morning, when a dead guard and the stolen eggs were discovered, the Crew rushed out to defeat the pirates, retrieve the eggs, and regain their honor with the tribe. After a fierce battle alongside the imminently departing pirate ship, the crew captured the pirates, threw them in the brig, and confiscated the pirate ship.
When returning honorably to the Tribe the Crew were greeted as heroes, accepted into the tribe, and each received their Haktas.
After turning over the pirate crew to the justice of the tribe, the Crew, along with two griffins, two griffin eggs, the orc XXXXXX, and their newly ‘acquired’ ship, made way for the island of Mordan the Magnificent and the griffin preserve that they hoped to establish there.

Deloran goes nuts

After accepting the offer the crew traveled several days to the island of XXXXXX. Once on land and while at the local harbor and village, looking for the location of the mountain Griffins, Deloran, acting on some dark impulses, stunned and injured an annoying teenage girl. Those actions incited the locals who chased the crew out of town.

Boarding Party

After successfully fleeing from the Drimlok impound yards, the crew made sail for a remote island with a mysterious cargo aboard.

Due to curiosity, Deloran opened the cargo despite Tor’s objections and when he was too occupied steering the ship in the middle of the night to stop him. The four crates contained large, unfamiliar eggs and talismans that provided the eggs with fresh air while locking in the shipping crates.

After this discovery, and at daybreak, a swift Alani vessel pursued the craft. After failing to out run the Alani vessel, Tor hid inside some smuggling compartments on the ship. A boarding crew of Spellbanes and Swordmages came aboard. After terse questioning about why the ship was taken from impound, if the cargo was still aboard, and if the crew was somehow involved in illegal activities, the crew convinced the Alani that there was a simple misunderstanding. the crew surrendered the cargo and in exchange the Alani accepted the crew’s explanation of events and took the eggs.

Soon after the Alani vessel departed, but before the crew could make way, Mordan the Magnificent landed on the ship aboard a large Griffin. Mordan had hired Tor’s previous crew to smuggle the clutch of eggs to him so that he could further his research on Griffins. He was disappointed that the crew had failed, but accepted that the original deal was not made with any member of the current crew. Not to be defeated, he struck a new proposal to the crew: return to the island of the Griffins and bring Mordan new eggs for a hefty fee.

Would the crew accept the offer?

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The Forming of the Party

Tor, a dwarf engineer, had recently had his near derelict airship confiscated in Drimlok by Justiciars of the alani because of the nature of his cargo. Spending some time looking around and checking his contacts he came into contact with Lyra, a human necromancer, an alani sanguimancer with amnesia with no name, and Deloran. Lyra had been approached by Deloran, a former assistant deputy of justice, about her connection with demons.

Remembering Deloran’s credentials as a former assistant deputy of justice, Lyra suggested that Tor might be able to help reclaim the confiscated airship with Deloran’s assistance. The three met with Tor and decided that they would help him reclaim his ship in exchange for transport off of Drimlok.

The party bought some supplies and hid Tor inside one of the barrels before heading over to where the airship was impounded. Deloran was able to convince the guards that he had been sent from Cal’Immel to take the vessel, and its cargo, back there for safe keeping.

Luckily the first set of guards had recently returned from a visit to Lady Vala’s and were in a good mood and anxious to get back there,so they easily let them pass. The second set of guards were a bit more wary and ornery, having been left to guard the ship while the other two guards disappeared.

But the guards were easily convinced by Deloran’s credentials and flattery of their position and a job well done. The guards helped load up the ship for the parties departure, unknowingly moving Tor onboard, hidden in a supply barrel.

The guards were almost suspicious as the three tried to follow Tor’s directions, spoken from the barrel, to get the airship going. But Lyra was able to figure it out and away they sailed.


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